Who we are

It is located in the periphery of Port city Mangalore in Karnataka very much known for Quality of  Medical Science Education. We have a network of Homoeopathic Treatment Centers at Urban-Rural Base and College Campus is located at Newly coming up extension Campus of Yenepoya University providing a base of Holistic Health Science keeping in mind ample scope for Research in Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is invented by German Physician Dr ChristianFredrikSamuel Hahnemann during 1796 lying on its basic principle “ SimiliaSimilibusCurenture” . Because of its Safe, Simple, Effective, Economical qualities, it has become the mainstream of Medical Science after Allopathy.  According to World Health Organisation: 2001 declared Homoeopathy is the SECOND most used medical system internationally, has spread its wings globally with 450 million patients and spread over 80 countries. With new national policy, the Indian Government aims to promote India as a centre of excellence for the AYUSH systems which is inclusive of HOMOEOPATHY  and harness their potential for improving primary and preventive health care.India has become the World leader in Homoeopathy with 2.79 lakhs registered Homoeopathy Physicians{2014}.


To build a Centre of global excellence in Homeopathic education by preserving, propagating and developing the Homeopathic System of Medicine through quality teaching, training, Patient care and research.


Tapping the hidden potentials of the young minds by inculcating unconventional techniques backed up with relentless efforts and Persuasions, the college aims at transforming the world of Homeopathy through quality education, selfless service, profitless motto, so that the commitment to excellence is achieved.

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